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Video Production for Theatre & The Arts

Video Production for Theatre & The Arts

Members of our team have backgrounds in performance and theatre production, and we understand how best to present your concert, play or dance show on film.

We have worked in theatres and venues across Bath & Somerset including Glastonbury, Bridgwater, Yeovil, Taunton & Frome.

For individual performers, we can help you showcase your talent and open up new opportunities with a professionally produced showreel. 

Film has an important role to play in multimedia performance be it live or virtual, and we can create this content for you. 

For more information on filming performances go to THEATRE & SCHOOLS. 

Video Content for Museums & Exhibitions

Captivating video content for your museum or exhibition will engage, educate and entertain your visitors so much more than reams of text.

Video can be used to support and extend your exhibitions in a variety of creative ways including video loops, film installations and projections, case study films, photographic slideshows and documentaries.

We can create online video tours for your website to expand your reach beyond in-person visitors.


Promotional films are also a great way to attract more visitors or communicate a program of upcoming exhibitions and events.

The Value of Arts & Culture

Arts and culture play a valuable role in all our lives. The art in which we surround ourselves, the music we listen to, the films we watch, all have a profound effect on us, and in turn influence the lens with which we view the world.


In times of change, art takes on a special significance. The artist can truly gift us with empathy. Art can be a source of strength or galvanise us into action.


Creating art brings people together in a common purpose of expression and a quest to deepen our understanding of the world.

As visual artists first and foremost, we love working in this field and are always looking for new projects.

Films for Artists

We produce high quality films to showcase individual artists and their work, including time-lapses of the process of creating a piece of art, documenting an artistic project, creating a virtual gallery, or collaborating on an artistic project.

Book Trailers for Authors

An engaging book trailer is an important marketing tool in these days of self-publication and self-promotion. We have helped many authors reach larger audiences and increase their book sales.

Copy Arts
Stampede apalachian dancers in a showcase film and band photography
Showcase Film
for Dance Troupe Stampede
Little Victory Ball Tableau of Women, Museum content Frome
The Little Victory Ball & Museum
Kin von Coels painting for The Glastonbury Mural Trail Documentary
Documenting the Glastonbury Mural Trail