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Drone Photography & Aerial Videography in Somerset

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Drone Photography of Tenerife from Gran Canaria

Aerial Cinematic Filming
in the South West

Aerial cinematic filming will elevate any production with stunning visual imagery to entice your audience.

We can shoot rushes, create a stand alone drone film, or incorporate drone footage into your production.

Our drone operator is an experienced film maker, with a full understanding of video theory. You can be confident our aerial footage does not suffer from common issues such as rolling shutter, overblown sky or underexposed background.

We regularly fly drones in the stunning landscapes of Somerset and the South West.

CAA Qualified Drone Pilot

As a PfCO CAA qualified drone pilot, Alex is certified to fly drones in the sub 7kg range. We have a DJI Mavic Air 4k in our base kit and can hire in other drones for larger productions. 

You can hire Alex on a day rate or as part of your production with us.

We also offer additional techniques beyond standard aerial videography including 360 panoramas, motion lapse, hyper-lapse and indoor drone filming.

Quadcopter Drone DJI Mavic Air 4K
Drone Copy
Contact our production manager Tasha to discuss your project or provide us with few details for a quick quote.
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Drone Video & Photography Services

  • Aerial cinematic filming

  • Behind the scenes footage for TV & film

  • Aerial videography for corporate video

  • Travel & tourism drone videography

  • Commercial property drone photography

  • Aerial photography for estate agents

  • Aerial inspections of buildings & surveys

  • Timelapse for construction sites

  • Agricultural drone footage & land surveying

  • 360 aerial panoramas

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CAA Qualified Drone Pilot Approval in Somerset
Drone Videography of Glastonbury Tor in Somerset
Civil Aviation Authority Approved Drone Pilot logo in the South West

CAA Safety

As with all CAA approved pilots, we follow strict guidelines and planning practices in compliance with the CAA (Civil Aviations Authorities) legislation, regulation and rules.


Before flights we do a full pre-flight survey and risk assessment to ensure the safety of staff, wildlife, property and of the general public.


We are fully insured with 10 million public liability.


We are licensed to operate drones anywhere in the UK and in many overseas locations.

CAA Safety Drone

Paddington Farm Trust

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