Video Production to Support Social Change

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Films to Facilitate Change

Film is a powerful medium that can shine a light on issues not covered by mainstream broadcast and print. It can provide new information on how the world works and inspire people to challenge injustices.


​New and diverse perspectives are vital if we're going to create a sustainable world for this and future generations.


Here at Flying Tiger, we are passionate about human rights, social justice, freedom of expression and people-centered advocacy.


We believe that racism, bigotry, and division can be combated by working together, through grassroots education programs, raising awareness, and standing up to power. 


Everyday non-confrontational conversations with the people around us can help heal the division felt throughout our society. Without empathy for each other, common ground and consensus, can never be reached.

Films That Challenge the Status Quo

With ecological collapse, global warming, and the prospect of mass extinction on the horizon, now is the time for action. 


The banking system, debt, privatisation, intensive farming and fishing, colonisation, and the role of the military in world affairs, all need to be debated seriously and with transparency.

Films that scrutinise these issues are essential in enabling us to engage with the many problems facing us, irrespective of our political persuasions.

We all are sustained by the same world, and we all share the same hopes and dreams for ourselves and our wider families.

The big conversations need to be had.

The Power of the Imagination

The power of imagination should not be underestimated. 


Every movement, every system, every human-made object on the planet, started off as an idea in the mind.


If you want to challenge an injustice in the world you must first dare to imagine how things could be different. 


The capacity to dream, create, shape and evolve are central to us creating a better future.

Speaking Truth to Power

Mainstream media seems increasingly interested in reporting on the institutions of power rather than civil society.


The well-used phrase ‘Speaking Truth to Power’ which The Fourth Estate is meant hold as its highest aspiration is sadly lacking in much of our media. 


In a society where 75% all the print media is owned by four billionaires with their own vested interests, how can we hope to have the correct checks and balances in place?

The Vital Role of Independent Media

Independent media is playing an increasingly vital role in holding power to account, calling out injustices and empowering people to change their world.

At Flying Tiger we use our skills as artists and filmmakers to play our part in striving for a fairer, peaceful and sustainable world.

Please consider supporting our work in creating films for change on PATREON.

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Your voice is important and it can make a difference. But how can you be heard?

Whatever cause you are campaigning for, it can be massively amplified by film. We can help.



Ecological Collapse, Pandemics & Shopping

Covid-19 has highlighted how connected we are to the natural world, and how our unrestrained exploitation of the earth’s resources is likely to lead to further pandemics.

Business as usual is not an option. Covid-19 has shown how precarious our profit-first system is. With current infrastructure pushed to the limit, it is clear we are ill-prepared for future natural disasters.


How will we cope with challenges much larger than this, such as the climate crisis?

If only we could use the lessons from the pandemic as a catalyst to pursue a more sustainable future, we'll not only protect ourselves and other species, but also cultivate a deeper connection, understanding and kinship.




Every single system on the planet today, started as an idea.

Neoliberalism was once just an idea inside the mind of economists like Milton Friedman.


Today it permeates almost every aspect of our lives and yet it remains a mystery, rarely even being recognised as an ideology.


We celebrate 40 years of neoliberal polices with our enigmatic 1980’s arcade game powered by the natural forces of nature, aka The Markets!


Film, music, art, poetry, theatre, and dance, all have a powerful effect on people and can be instruments of change.

One person or a small group of people really can make a difference.


We are building a community of artists, performers and film makers,

to get together, to talk, to share, create, and inspire action!




If you're interested in collaborating with us on a project supporting social change, we'd love to hear from you.



Thanks for getting in touch. 

We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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The complex web of lies and misdirection they weave has been expertly unpicked and laid bare by our friends at Flying Tiger Productions.

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