Music & Festival Video Production in the South West

Music Video Production

A music video which has been well produced with high-impact imagery is the best way of creating interest in a band or artist.

Whether signed or unsigned, a good music video can elevate your song to a different level, potentially reaching millions via YouTube and social networks. It’s worth noting that YouTube is now the main platform on which new artists are discovered.

If you want to make a statement, show an audience what you are all about or are releasing a new single, a music video is essential.

Live music videos are also extremely useful, particularly when trying to secure a booking at a venue or festival.


There is nothing better for a promoter to see than a video of you performing live.

Festival Videography

Our team are all avid festival goers and we love the atmosphere generated by the coming together of a diverse and creative group of people.


We produce promotional films to build interest in your upcoming festival, festival highlights films, and we also create big screen content for use during your festival, as we did for the main stages of Glastonbury in 2015.


Our festival videographers have filmed all over Somerset and the South West including Glastonbury, Sunrise Celebration, Orchestra in a Field, Off Grid, Children's World's Family Festival, and Quest. 


Festivals connect people in a particular way and are fantastic for exposing people to new music and ideas. It’s so wonderful to see people immersed in their first festival experience, changing and growing before your eyes, over the course of a long weekend. 

Contact our production manager Tasha to discuss your project or provide us with few details for a quick quote.
Wu Tang Clan Video Production for Festivals
The Wu Tang Clan
Charles Hazlewood conducting in a video produced by Flying Tiger Productions for Orchestra in a Field.jpg
Charles Hazlewood at Orchestra in a Field
Theatre & Circus video production at Glastonbury Festival
Theatre & Circus, Glastonbury Festival

Bespoke Music Videos

We produce bespoke music videos that stand out. We will work with you to ascertain the kind of imagery you want to use and the message you want to convey, developing both the concept and story.

Your image as an artist is important to consider, whether you want to continue with a particular style or totally reinvent yourself.

We will explore locations, set design, additional supporting cast, lighting style and any physical effects that you would like to use.

We can offer a whole range of special effects including APP control RGB lighting, green screen, motion control camera moves and CGI effects in post.


We shoot in 12bit Raw codec for the highest broadcast quality production.

Music PR Packages

Alex spent a couple of years working freelance at a London music distribution agency (IMD), so we understand how valuable music PR assets are for a successful campaign.


EPK’s which include interviews, behind the scenes, and 10-sec, 15-sec, and 30-sec spots, are as important as the video itself, when it comes the requirements of broadcasters and online platforms. The various elements provide coverage, visibility and help build momentum.

Music coverage in print and broadcast continues to be pushed to the margins, so within this landscape, artists profiles are established and maintained largely online. It is therefore essential to have video content fit for this purpose.

Live Concert Videography

Our live concert videographers can capture the energy of a live performance with our multi-camera coverage.


With an emphasis on producing a great audio track, our experienced sound engineer will create a mix from the audio stems in post.


The shared experience of live music is like nothing else. We make bonds and connections with strangers, go on a unique journey together for just one night.


A full film or highlights video of your performance will give your fans a shareable memento of the event and it's also really handy to promote up-and-coming gigs.

Live Streaming Concerts

Music allows us to experience shared connection, devotion and love. It can relax you, or take you back to significant moments in your life. It has the power to speak to us on a visceral level in ways that no other art form can. 

The pandemic has led to musicians exploring new ways to reach their audiences, like live streaming concerts. 


As venues open up again, crowd numbers may be restricted, so filming and live streaming your gig will help to accommodate larger audiences.

With multi-camera production and live vision mixing we can broadcast your concert or gig via a ticketed, private, live stream link on social media.


No, it's not the same as being there, not even close, but it does open the opportunity to reach and grow a global audience.


Video Services for Music & Festivals


  • Music video production

  • Lyric video production

  • Band showreels

  • EPK for band or artist (electronic press kit)

  • Behind the scenes footage from photo shoot or artist appearance 

  • B-Roll

  • Live concert videography

  • Live streaming gig or concert

  • Festival promotional video

  • Festival highlights film

  • Festival behind the scenes documentary

  • Capture of bands, speakers or event

  • EPK for festival promotion (electronic press kits)

  • Big screen content for stages




A highlights film of the Latin area at Glastonbury Festival, Somerset.

Featuring the Dockside Latin Orchestra, Grupo Magnético, Eliane Correa Y La Evolución and Alain Pérez Y La Orquestra, and festival organiser Michael Eavis.



Glasto Latino giant sculpture of dancers at Glastonbury festival 2019

In 2015 we were asked to create big screen content for Glastonbury Festival. The films were played throughout the festival on the Pyramid and Other stages, in between the bands.

We created three films - the first showing the festival's Stone Circle, which was welcoming the Dali Lama that year, 'Leave No Trace' about caring for the farm, and a CGI planet Earth with the quote ‘There is no emergency backup planet’, shown below.


Following this, we have developed an ongoing relationship with the festival. In 2019 we produced several films for the Glasto Latino area including a highlights film and individual band videos. With special permission, we also captured drone footage of the site.


As long-standing participants of the festival, we have also filmed in Theatre & Circus and Shangra La.

In 2021 we filmed an introduction from Emily Eavis as part of the Worthy Farm livestream event.


We also regularly undertake duplication and small edits for the press office, including sourcing photos from video for the Glastonbury 50 Year Anniversary book.

Music can change the world


The universal language of music can literally change the world.

Imagine a John Lennon or Curtis Mayfield song about austerity or food banks, that cuts through the rhetoric and compels people to demand change.


It is vital that musicians today rise up to the challenges that confront us and speak out.


There are many hugely talented truth sayers out there, particularly in the non-mainstream manifestations of hip hop and grime, but their music and poetry, for the best part, is not being heard. The music industry and radio actively ignores artists that challenge the plutocracy that we find ourselves living in.


As music lovers, we need to actively search out these alternatives, and then get out and support them in our local music scene.

The philosopher and political theorist Herbert Marcuse suggested in 1969, that it was the aesthetic and cultural dimension of the 1960’s (art, literature, film and music), that would be most remembered and would have a lasting effect on society.

In those brief moments, when the behaviour and values of a society are open for debate, it is vital that artists create!

Paddington Farm Trust

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A great bit of film with excellent shots.

When we sent the video out to promoters, gigs were offered to us straight away!

Laura Iseley

The Iseley-Perry Duo

A delight to work with, professional yet fun, which helped us enormously with relaxing in front of the camera.

Kristen Lindop

Children's World

Family Festival

Flying Tiger Productions – Extremely efficient, and a very creative company to work with – Highly recommended!

Bruce Woolley

Writer of 'Video Killed the Radio Star'

The Post War Orchestra