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Visual Effects for Video Production

CGI & Special Visual Effects

At Flying Tiger we create CGI, 3D animation and Special Visual Effects using node-based tools including Black Magic's DaVinci Fusion and Unreal Engine 4. 

Bespoke production techniques such as these are rarely offered from smaller video production studios.


Special effects have evolved massively over the past 30 years. Effects used to be extremely expensive and were only open to high end productions. 

As computers have become experientially quicker and camera technology has advanced, it is now possible for small production companies to start offering effects that only 10 years ago would have required super computers and a hanger full of artists! 

With the promise of Hollywood-level effects for the independent filmmaker coming with the 2021 release of Epic’s Unreal Engine 5, the future of CGI and effects could not be more exciting!


Natural-looking Digital Effects

Effects that are added in post can be extremely realistic and substantially reduce the costs of creating physical effects on a shoot.


We are able to create natural-looking CG elements such as fire, dust, water, smoke and snow, and generate the effects of energy, magic, explosions and lightening.

These effects can be either added to a 3D environment or composited into a final 2D shot.

CGI, 2D & 3D Animation 

Adding computer generated images will greatly enhance the production values of your film. Whether as a flashy intro or as a tool to illustrate a product or concept. 

We use rigged 3D models, which once skinned and illuminated, are animated in 3D space.


We produce stand-alone 2D animation and vector-based animations to use in our bespoke infographics, motion graphics and animated explainers. For more information and examples go to ANIMATION FOR BUSINESS. 


We also love making stop motion animation films using real life objects and actors. More on this in our EXPERIMENTAL section.

Compositing, Green Screen,
Rotoscoping & Wire Removal

We can add any background to your green screen product shot or demonstration, reducing costs around filming on location.


At Flying Tiger we shoot your green screen footage in 4k 12bit Raw. We then remove markers, croma clean up, and create either rotoscopes of objects and actors or a live action plate for compositing.

We can also perform basic rotoscoping in order to remove elements from live action shots for use further down the VFX pipeline. 

Using digital compositing software, we then combine the various elements of CGI environments, matte paintings, physical effects, green screen and live action plates, to create a final realistic shot. 

Copy CGI

Motion Control Rig

Our motion control rig allows us to shoot multiple elements within an identical camera move.


This is then composited into a single shot, opening up a world of possibilities where the individual elements look like they are all happening at the same time.


It's also a very effective way of creating a motion shot of a time-lapse.