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Charity Films, Educational Video Content & School Promotional Videos

Video Production for Education

We have produced a variety of educational resources, instructional videos and information films, for charities, trusts and public sector bodies, as well as promotional films for schools and nurseries.


Our films can increase your reach and engagement with students, clients and employees, with online learning resources being accessed worldwide.

With live action filming for demonstrations, motion graphics and animation simplifying complex ideas, professional video has become an integral part of any modern educational or training program.

We've produced a series of demonstration videos as part of Somerset Skills and Learning online lessons and many animated and live-action films for the Young People's Trust for the Environment, as part of their package of educational videos for teachers. 

Information Films

Information films are used by many bodies to convey important material and advice. We can help with structure and script-writing to best convey your content in an engaging and memorable way.

Since the Covid 19 pandemic we been working with Citizen's Advice to produce presenter-led information films to support their clients.


We offer a subtitling and translation service for films in this sector to aid accessibility. 

Video Production for Charities

Our films have helped many charities and nonprofit organisations deliver effective campaigns and succeed in their fundraising efforts.


High quality, engaging films can make all the difference. We strive to make content that is both informative and impactful, that reach out to your supporters on an emotional level.


We will work with you to produce well-suited content around your objectives and budget, whether it be a promotional film to raise awareness of your charity's work or a series of films and social media clips that form part of a larger campaign.

Our films may include case studies, interviews with charity representatives and service users, voiceover or presenters, and can be produced in a range of styles from longer, in-depth documentaries to message-driven short films.


We also film charity events and now offer a live streaming service to our clients. See our EVENTS page for more details.


10 Years of Creating Charity Campaigns

At Flying Tiger we have worked with many different charities, trusts and social enterprises, on local and national campaigns across Somerset including Taunton, Frome, Yeovil and Bridgwater.


Our clients include the Somerset Wildlife Trust, The Badger Trust, Paddington Farm Trust, The Charity Awards, HAE UK, Active and in Touch and Get Home Safe.

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Contact our production manager Tasha to discuss your project or provide us with few details for a quick quote.
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School Photography for Moathouse Primary School, Coventry
Moathouse Primary School, Coventry
Charity Video Production for Active and In Touch, Frome
Active  In Touch, Frome
Event filming of charity The Flying Seagulls at Glastonbury Abbey
The Flying Seagulls at Orchestra in a Field

 Charity & Education Video Services

Services Charities
Our Work Charities
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Promotional Films for Schools

Commissioning a promotional film for your nursery, primary or secondary school will certainly help you attract new students.


It can be a very effective way to communicate the ethos of your school and also provides a virtual tour for parents.

We will showcase your staff, the facilities and activities you provide, and demonstrate just what makes your school special, in an engaging and entertaining way.

Video has become essential content of any good school website. The children love the experience and are always the stars of the show!

We can also cover school events and award ceremonies, as well as performances and school theatre productions. These can often be funded through DVD sales to parents.


For more details and to view our Theatre & Schools showreel, go to our ARTS & CULTURE page.

Presenter led productions

Presenter-led Productions

We often work with voice over artists to provide a narrative to your film. 


It can be more compelling to utilise the skills of an experienced presenter who can talk directly to your audience, particularly if they have a link to your charity's work or ethos.


In 2017, we worked with naturalist Mike Dilger of the BBC's One Show on a series of campaign films for The Badger Trust. His passion for wildlife really came across and added another layer to the production.

You may have a representative of your charity that is comfortable and natural in front of the camera. Director of the Young People's Trust for the Environment, Peter Littlewood, has successfully fronted many of the films we have made for the charity over the years. 


We can also work with remote recordings as we did with YPTE's charity president and English actor Cel Spellman,  (Cold Feet, Waterloo Road), which we incorporated into an educational film about climate change.

Our producer Tasha is an experienced presenter. She recently completed a series of films for Citizen's Advice which were produced and updated in-house throughout the pandemic.

Presenters Mike Dilger, Tasha Collins, Charles Hazlewood, Dana Ama Day, and Peter Littlewood
Online learning
Online study e learning content

Online Learning Resources

The Covid 19 pandemic has seen a dramatic rise in the demand for online learning resources, from academic material for schools and universities to personal and professional development courses.

Research suggests that online learning increases retention of information. We would always advocate for classroom teaching where possible but as an addition it can be very effective.

We are well-equipped to produce lessons and educational resources and have created a series of videos for Somerset Skills & Learning and the Young People's Trust for the Environment, using a combination of live filming and animations.


Training videos for your staff can be very valuable, and can be built up over time and updated as an on-going resource.


Professional development programmes for your organisation can be created as online courses, utilising expertise from specialists wherever they are in the world.

We also work with teachers in the self development sector to produce courses with global reach.

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We believe that education is key to us overcoming many of the problems facing us as a society.


In a world where complex nuanced issues are sometimes reduced to soundbites, the role of educators has never been more important. 

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Clients Charities

They understood exactly what was needed as well as how to best communicate our needs to others.

Jennie Prewett

Incredible Kids

 A friendly and professional team who go above and beyond to meet your needs.

Highly recommended.

Kerry Devane

St John's School

A professional and friendly team to work with. Flying Tiger Productions did a fantastic job for us. Service with a smile!

Birju Gelani

St George's Nurseries

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